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We Originate.
We Invest.
We Accelerate.

We give international companies, investors and  entrepreneurs the tools needed to leverage the future of innovation, to enable growth today.

Who are we?

Spinnaker Venture Partners, LLC is an internationally recognized management consulting and venture development firm specializing in strategic growth and innovation helping companies create and capture value. We are known for our unique combination of expertise and proven approaches that don’t just give our clients answers but help them to ask the right questions. Our partners are seasoned executives with extensive corporate and entrepreneurial credentials who bring deep domain knowledge, entrepreneurial experience, and a vast network of expertise and relationships to be growth catalysts. We work with global industry leaders in basic materials, specialty chemicals, consumer goods, packaging (CPG), food and beverage, technology, and industrial services.


We also support private equity firms that provide growth capital and emerging technology companies that will provide the enabling capabilities. Spinnaker’s differentiated position in the business ecosystem enables us to bridge the gap between the inspired entrepreneurs, the emergent technologies, and the industrial giants to help our clients to identify the hidden opportunities for growth and value creation in the globally connected economy.

Our Brands

We are a partnership that operates


Scaleup Labs Logo Blue1.png

The Studio.

We leverage catalytic combinations, at the intersection of capital, insight and technology, yield high value opportunities.

Our studio identifies, creates, and develops emerging products and companies that solve real problems


  • Significant leverage

  • Risk mitigation

  • Deep industry knowledge

  • Access to value creating solutions

Creating value from the future of technology




We are always scouting the best new companies that are solving real problems. If you are a startup, scientist, inventor, or dreamer, we want to hear about how you see a solution to these problems. We love tech first b2b point solutions that embrace AI and Smart Systems.


Corporate Insight

Are you a corporate leader that is looking to access an ecosystem that helps you grow your companies share price? Are are looking for companies to help us define game changing opportunities that will be critical to the future of industry. Lets talk.


Third Party Capital

Are you an investor that is looking to help influence pipeline and invest in world class companies? We want to connect with you to make sure we provide details about our ecosystem. 

Engaging an Ecosystem of Future Thinkers

We have created an 
Entrepreneurial Super-Highway

ScaleUp Labs is a network of accelerators, investors and startup studios in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Italy and Poland with operating hubs in Boston.

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Meet Our Partners

We want to hear from you.

We facilitate engagement with entrepreneurs, executives, and investors to drive mutual opportunities through programs, events and warm introductions.


Access to ecosystem connections to find great opportunities


Growth, strategy and development expertise available from our network of business builders


In-House and Third Party capital are part of our ecosystem. We connect great ideas to great investors.

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